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Grilled pizza with text: "Take your pizza to the grill in 5 easy steps"

Take your Pizza to the Grill in 5 Easy Steps

Did you know that approximately three billion pizzas are sold in the US each year? That doesn’t even count the additional one billion frozen pizzas purchased. There’s obviously something about that ooey-gooey, hot-cheesy goodness that’s simply irresistible. A good ol’ slice of pizza gives you that kid-in-the-candy store kind of feeling. It’s like catching a great sale at Kohl’s or winning free house cleaning for a year. Yep, it’s just that good.

But even the most die-hard pizza fans can get a little tired of the same ol’ pepperoni pizza day in and day out. How about spicing things up a bit by taking your pizza to the grill? Never thought of grilling your pizza pie? How about this…grilling your pizza you won’t heat up the kitchen; pizza on the grill = party on the patio; and grilled pizza tastes really, really good.

Grilling a pizza isn’t rocket-science, but there’s a little more to it than pulling a box out of the freezer and popping your pie in the oven. And rest assured, your trusted friends at Mr. Appliance® are here to help you. We found a great how-two guide on that completely walks you through the steps to grilling the perfect pizza.

To get this patio, pizza-party rocking, we’re even helping you out with a few recipes too. Try one or mix-and-match. That’s the glorious thing about pizza. There’s something for everyone from hot and savory, to sweet and delicious.

If you like it cheesy, go for the Double Cheese Pizza with Fire Roasted Tomatoes pizza.

Double Cheese Pizza with Fire Roasted Tomatoes

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Like veggies on your pizza? Try out a Spice-Grilled Eggplant, Feta & Spinach pizza.

Spice-Grilled Eggplant, Feta & Spinach Pizza

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Meat lovers need to give this Grilled Sausage and Pepper recipe a try.

Grilled Sausage & Pepper Pizza

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But what if you’re in the mood for Mexican food? This Black Bean Nacho pizza will knock your socks off.

Black Bean Nacho Pizza

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Craving something sweet? Bobby Flay’s Dessert pizza will tame that sweet tooth.

Bobby Flay's Dessert Pizza

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They all sound so delicious. Which pizza are you most likely to try? Make sure to post a pic of your next grilled pizza and tell us your favorite recipe.