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Woman reaching into refrigerator with text: "5 tips to an organized refrigerator"

5 Tips to an Organized Refrigerator

I’m so excited to clean out the fridge today,” said no one ever.

There’s absolutely nothing fun about cleaning the fridge. It’s amazing how quickly it can go from organized and clean to a hot mess of smelly and expired food that isn’t even recognizable.

But how in the world do you even begin the process of organizing your fridge? Well, we’ve given it some thought and your friends at Mr. Appliance have come up with 5 tips to help you not only organize your fridge, but to also help you keep it that way too.

1. Clean out items that should not be refrigerated.

Did you know that not everything should go in the fridge? There are some foods we stick in the fridge simply out of habit that should actually be kept at room temperature.

Clean Out Foods

2. Line shelves and drawers.

When spills and mishaps occur, clean up is a breeze when you can simply take out a shelf or drawer lining instead of scrubbing dried gunk.

Shelf Liners

3. Use plastic tubs.

Keeping items grouped together in tubs will help prevent the small things from getting shoved to the back of the fridge. How many times have you found an expired yogurt container in the back corner of the fridge?

Plastic Tubs

4. Label shelves and drawers.

Other folks will be able to help you maintain your nice and neatly organized fridge if they know where things should go.


5. Invest in a dry erase marker.

You can use a dry erase marker on your fridge to help you remember things like how long leftovers have been in the fridge. Think about it…not only will this help you have a clean fridge, but if you end up eating your left overs instead of letting them go bad, isn’t that also going to save you money?

Dry Erase Marker

BONUS!! If you want to take the dry erase idea to an entirely new level, you can have a little fun and paint your entire fridge with chalkboard paint. Just think of the possibilities!

Chalkboard Paint

These tips should prevent you from having to call a hazmat team to tackle your fridge. You can check out other fridge organization tips from our The Refrigerator Pinterest board. The Refrigerator And if you have a handy-dandy organizational tip, we would love to hear about it!