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Living room with text: "six ways to Feng Shui your home"

6 Ways to Feng Shui Your Home

Many environmental scientists and architects incorporate the basic idea of Feng Shui into their designs on the premise that clutter in our homes hinders our sense of well-being. Surrounding yourself with objects and architecture that uplift your mood and ensuring items are in proper places and not in chaos can give you a better state of mind. To put it simply, as the old saying goes, a clean house is a happy house. Here are six ways you can put the ancient Chinese advice into practice and make your home harmonious.

Keep your front entrance friendly.

It’s a well-known fact: Nobody wants to go inside a home that has a dark, disowned and dreadful look to it. In a way, the state of your front entrance can symbolize your desire to welcome guests into your home. Dead flowers and peeling paint don’t exactly scream to your nearby neighbors that you are guest-friendly. Clear the pathway leading to your front door, clean up overgrown plants, tuck away toys and sweep the porch to make your home more inviting to others. The Home Owner’s Association will probably appreciate it, too.

Make your home shoeless.

There’s something satisfying about taking your shoes off after a long day – especially if they are high heels! A deep sigh of relief is almost inevitable after unlacing and untying those constricting things. By encouraging your family and guests to take their shoes off at the entry way before coming inside your home, can put them at ease and give them a mindset of leaving their cares at the door and help them enter into a peaceful place of comfort and rest. Not to mention the amount of dirt and hours of floor cleaning that can be minimized!

Give the garage a makeover.

Your garage is the first and last thing you see when arriving and leaving your home, so you might as well make it organized, attractive and something you enjoy seeing every day. Clear out plenty of space for driving and walking into and install shelves and cabinets for storage to avoid scattered clutter. Design areas for gardening or crafting hobbies that can provide getaways from the usual household routines. Keep trash and recycle containers clean and easily accessible. These tasks will make you feel more peaceful and less stressed when entering and exiting your home.

Illuminate the laundry room.

The laundry room, especially if it is directly connected to the garage door, can be a constant reminder of uncompleted chores – yuck! Nothing can give you more of a sense of discontentment than being greeted with that. Try adding curtains or closet doors to cover the washer and dryer and separate them from the rest of the room and decorating the walls with nice wallpaper or bright colors. Hang up a few reminders of your favorite things, such as your child’s artwork, a nature painting or a travel poster. Believe it or not, with some effort, you really can make the laundry room a space you enjoy being in, as long as it feels open and welcoming.

Dress up the hallways.

Sometimes, hallways can be quite stark and stagnant. Fix this problem by adding warm lighting, a gallery of pretty paintings or family portraits, and a splash of light pastel or vibrant color to give it a brighter look. Color also makes the hallway appear to be wider rather than closed off. Wider hallways can also be enhanced with book shelves, plants, rugs and furniture. This will make your home look more attractive and feel much more open.

Create a lovely living room.

Living rooms serve as the central part of the house where all the social gatherings occur, so, of course, you want to make it lovely! Choosing neutral tones for the larger pieces of furniture can be cost-efficient when you change your mind on the color scheme of the walls. Arrange your furniture to encourage social intimacy and create a sense of comfort and safety by placing the seating in view of the door. Adding a mirror that reflects the doorway from the sofa is also an option. Show off your favorite collections and art pieces to give your world a glimpse of what you love and enjoy.

With all this in mind, remember that your home is the environment in which you live, so take special care to make it a place in which you appreciate being and relaxing.