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Electric Oven Repair Tips

Order Parts for Your Oven

Ovens, gas or electric, come with two different styles of clock controls: mechanical clocks (displays either analog time or digital with rolling digital readout) or electronic range controls (ERC) which have an LED digital time display. You should note the type of clock you have (mechanical or ERC) because some of the solutions listed below apply only to one type or the other. For example, references to "start" and "stop" clean time knobs refer only to mechanical clocks.

No Bake

No Broil

No Bake or Broil

No Self Clean

No Clock Operation

Oven Not Hot Enough

Oven Goes only to High Heat

Erratic Temperature Control

Oven Door Stuck Closed

Fault Code on ERC

For some inexplicable reason, appliance manufacturers carefully guard the meanings or their fault codes. And to make it harder for techs to catch on to the codes, manufacturers will vary the meaning of the codes among model numbers. There are no standard fault code meanings, even within the same brand.

Here are some quick gas oven repair tips.