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Cleaning Garbage Disposal

Ed Moore, Mr. Appliance franchise owner in Pittsburgh, PA (, says to always run your garbage disposal until it gets quiet.  The most common reason for disposal problems is that they are not run long enough.

He also advises that the garbage disposal be cleaned at least monthly.  According to Ed, the best way to clean a disposal is to turn the cold water on first then turn the disposal on and feed approximately 2 ice trays of cubes into the disposal. Then add half of a box of baking soda. Be careful not to feed the ice cubes t0 fast, because you could stall the disposal or clog the drain.

The grinding of the ice cubes will push out food and debris stuck in the disposal. The baking soda polishes and sharpens the cutters as well as giving the disposal a clean smell.

After turning off the disposal, check inside to make sure the 2 pusher lugs are free moving.  Move them with a wooden spoon – never put your hand into the disposal.  If the pusher lugs don’t move freely the disposal will vibrate. Move the pusher lugs back and forth with the wooden spoon until they move freely.

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